Tired of querying in antiquated SQL? don’t have a DBMS handy?

Hello there, I’m back with this amazing tool LINQPAD, it allows you to write queries in LINQ or SQL, but what makes this tool awesome? I’ll tell you:

LINQPad supports everything in C# 4.0 and Framework 4.0: (.NET 3.5 version is also available)

You don’t have to install anything but .net framework (usually you already have it), the size of the exe file is juts 4MB.

Let’s say we have the following scenario: your client doesn’t allow you to install DBMS tools on prod server, but you have  to make some queries, sometimes perform this task on database CLI could be annoying, with LINQPAD we just execute the file, connect, and start querying in LINQ or normal SQL.

But what if you don’t work with SQL SERVER but MYSQL? No worries,  LINQPAD allows to add mysql drivers.

This tool provides lot of options let me tell you: connect to an assembly, useful to learn LINQ, connection with EF, EF Model from database.

This is the DOWNLOAD SITE don’t forget to comment and like!!!, Hope it helps



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